For 18 years, we have made horse-riding lessons our main activity and we are proud of teaching our few 120 students how to ride a horse and helping them to get a better level over the years. 

We offer classical riding lessons, enabling our students to reach certified levels with federal diplomas from French riding federation to be issued, from level 1 to level 7. Those lessons enable our youngest students to be initiated to horse-riding on ponies first. Then, once they have taken their mark, and reached a level high enough, thew will be able, over the years, to work on more and more technical horses. Thanks to those horses and experiences, they will be able to practice the 3 subjects we offer : dressage, jumping and cross-country !

We also offer, appart of the classical riding lessons, "full-nature" riding lessons : a kind of horse-riding you can practice outside of riding facilities, in nature, with everything it implies (sense of direction, capacity to ride in a natural environnement, etc...). Once again, Faderal diplomas for full-nature riding may be issued. 

Our lessons are adressed to everyone, beginners or not, children or adults, whichever lever you have and matter how old your are. We will always have a horse and a lesson for you, with people in your ages and with the same level as you. We garantee a an attentive listening and progress in your own rythm, all in a nice ambiance ; indeed conviviality is something we really stick with and are proud to enjoy in our activity ! 

Our lessons occur : 

  • On Monday afternoon 
  • On Wednesday, all day 
  • On Thursday afternoon 
  • On Saturday, all day 
  • On Sunday afternoon 

Ponies lessons for the youngsters take place on Wednsesday and Saturday afternoon. 

Our facility : 

  • One sand school (65'x130') 
  • One grass school (130'x260') with obstacles from April to October 
  • One covered area (65'x115') 
  • One 3ha cross-country course, also used for Full-Nature Riding 

The exams : 

Two or three exams sessions take place each year, when our riders have reached the necessary level. 

Since 2007, the club also offers Full Nature lessons, with federal diplomas validating your level issued here too. 

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