Les Ecuries d'Ambur (= Ambur Stables) are an equestrian center, having the EARL French statute (meaning "Agricultural Business with Limited Responsabilities") located in Saint-Jacques d'Ambur, a village from the Combrailles countryside in the western Puy-De-Dôme (Auvergne region). Created in 1994, it is certified with labels from French riding federation : "Horse Riding School", "France's Pony Club" and "Equestrian Tourism Center". We also run a horse farm, giving birth to foals meant to be horses for our stables, or to be sold. 

The stables offer you quality equestrian activities, supervised by 3 certified and welcoming people, including : 

  • Riding lessons : to learn horse riding, whichever level you have ; Federal diplomas from French Federation, validating your level, may be issued ; 
  • Horse rides : you can choose the lenght (1 or 2 hours) 
  • Hacking : From 3 hours (half-day) to 5 days in a raw ; 
  • Pony rides (30 minutes) 

We currently run a 50 horses business (including the farm). Among them, there are 5 poneys for young children. We do our best in order to have quiet and well trained horses, used to be ridden by many riders to assure, as much as possible, our customers' safety. We handle their taming/breaking by ourselves and we work on them early and for a long time in order to be sure that they will be able to get use to every kind of riders, no matter how old they are and wich level they have. 

Since 2007, our riders have built an assocation in order to organize riding events thanks to our facility and with our partnership. 


For any other information, please contact us : 

Phone : +33 6 87 47 22 51 or +33 6 81 37 30 53
mail : ecurie-dambur63@orange.fr

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